Q: What is the Eastmoreland Fathers Association?
A: The EFA is a group of dads local to SE Portland, particularly near the Reed College neighborhoods. 

Q: Are there any requirements to be in the EFA?
A: There really are no requirements. We first gathered as a group of dads of school age children in SE Portland. This is not a formal requirement, but the basis upon which our organization was founded.

Q: What does the EFA do?
A: In addition to the monthly meetings where we gather to socialize at local watering holes, the EFA promotes and participates in family-centric activities. We fundraise for the Duniway Foundation and volunteer for the PTA at Duniway Elementary and Sellwood Middle School. Examples of sponsored projects are the Duniway Sorting Hat (classroom assignments website), the Auction Shuttle (transportation from neighborhood to school fundraiser), building The Wall, and excursions to Hillsboro Hops games, tubing on Mt. Hood, or a multi-family visit to the Treehouse Resort in Southern Oregon.

Q: What is the mission statement of the EFA?
A: Fac Quod Dico, Non Quod Facio 

Q: What are the goals of the EFA?
A: The EFA works to inculcate the principles of brotherly love, charity, and justice in our members and the surrounding community. Wait, that's the Elks. Our goals are to meet monthly to socialize, create memorable events and activities for our kids, and to make our neighborhood school the best in Portland. 

Q: How can I participate in the EFA?
A: Contact the EFA to find out about our next meeting date and location. We do our best to welcome new members and are open to all types of suggestions on how to improve our organization. We use a Google Group to communicate, so the first step is to join that group. See our main homepage for details.