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Auction Guide

Wondering what to expect at the school auction? Rest easy. Here's our 2017 Father's Guide to the Auction. 

The Basics

Who – Attendees include the Principal, some teachers, and parents of kids at Duniway.

What – The auction is basically a big party and fundraiser. It usually has a theme. This year is Back to the '80s.

When – The 2017 Duniway Auction is on Friday, March 10. Doors open at 6pm for silent auction and drinks. Dinner is at 8pm. Plan to arrive by 6:30p.

Where – Melody Ballroom, 615 SE Alder St., Portland, OR 97214. But take the shuttle.

Why – This is Duniway’s biggest fundraiser. Money goes to support PE, Music, Library, and Education Assistants. Want smaller class sizes, go to the auction and buy stuff or just donate.  Plus it’s a pretty good date night.

The Details

Purchasing Tickets

You need a ticket. Or two if you are bringing a +1. You also need a seat at a table. So it’s best to visit the auction website ahead of time and buy a few things. With the ticket, you get into the auction and you get a nice sit-down dinner at a table of about 10 people. On the second page of the registration section, it will ask you for a name to sit by. A lot of people get groups of ten together and then all put the same Group Name down to sit together. If you don’t have a group, they will just put you randomly somewhere. The most common move is to:

  • Gather your own group of 10 and communicate to all 5 couples the group name (last name of organizer?)
  • Put your teacher’s last name down for GroupName. That way they will put you with parents of kids in your class.
  • Enter group name of “EFA” and they will put you with others within our group. 

When purchasing your tickets, there are also a bunch of things you can choose to buy:

  • Wine for your table. Totally optional.
  • Donate for a teacher’s ticket. Again optional.
  • Shuttle pass. Do that since you don't want to be driving. One per person. 

Auction Format

The silent auction opens at 6p and is in the basement of the place near the bar. Around 8p everyone goes upstairs to a big ballroom with a bunch of 10-person round tables. Find your table, pour some wine, and wait for the dinner to arrive. There is also a bit of mingling before dinner. There is an emcee who is excellent – a mom in the neighborhood who is a professional theater type who brings it every year. You’ll be impressed. Then they have a professional auctioneer that runs the auction stuff. There are traditional auction items (highest bidder wins) and then there are participation games (everyone give $10 and we’ll flip a quarter heads/tails until we eliminate everybody but one person).


This year there is really only one way you should consider getting to the auction and that is the EFA-sponsored shuttle. See our website page dedicated to the shuttle. Our group has organized two big yellow school buses to go back and forth between Eastmoreland and Melody Ballroom all night. Catch the 5:40p or 6:00p bus at Duniway on the corner of Reed College and Rex. You can buy a $15 ticket on the auction website. All money goes to the Foundation.

Dress Code

Like most of these kinds of things, this event is about what your significant other wants to wear. They might want to dress up or even follow the theme. When in doubt, wear a suit and tie. Or a blazer. Just look nice. The previous year was Roaring Twenties, so there were some flapper dresses. This year is an '80s theme, so wear a double popped collar polo shirt. Or go full Miami Vice. A safe move is suit and tie. If your name ends in Amistadi, you’ll likely dress up as Rambis from the 1985 Lakers championship season. 


Bring some. Actually, all you need is a credit card. When you check-in, you’ll put a credit card to cover the cost of any items you may bid on. I think you can also put drinks down on your number. At the end of the night you’ll go back to the basement to check out and get a receipt. You can get by on just an auction ticket for dinner and drinks. There is no real pressure to bid on anything. It is fun, however, to walk the silent auction and look for something. And there are kid-created art pieces, but those are actually fairly contested items. At some point in the evening they will just ask for straight donations. Raise your paddle to donate $250. Then they’ll ask for $100. Then they’ll ask for $50. So participate in one round of those and your conscience is clear.

After Party

This year your date will likely want to hit the '80s Dance Party after party. You can buy a ticket on the auction website. If they sell out, just hit Kay's on the way home -- the shuttle will probably make a stop there. The shuttle will also run from the After Party until at least midnight.  

If you've never been to the Auction, you should try it at least once. It's a big party and they really do a nice job organizing it.


The Eastmoreland Fathers Association (EFA) is an association of fathers from Eastmoreland1. Hence the name. We coach sports, volunteer at school, and dream up projects that improve the lives of our community's youth. Or that are just fun. Oh, and we sometimes get together for an occasional2 beer to socialize. Interested in learning more about the EFA? Read our homepage and then join our community.

1 The founding members lived in Eastmoreland. The group is now expanding past the traditional Eastmoreland borders and now include fathers with a vested interest in the the neighborhood or Duniway Elementary School. So don't let that name dissuade you.

2 Every month. Like clockwork.