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Does your kid like Minecraft? Once upon a time one of our kids was playing Minecraft. They had found their way onto a public server and were playing with other people. The previously inattentive parental observer watched the chat window, was astounded to see inappropriate language, and finally asked "Who are these people you are playing with?" Answer: "I don't know." Game over.

Never liking to see a kid crying uncontrollably, hurling parental epithets, and ranting about his future career in civil engineering ruined, the EFA stepped in. We created a private Minecraft server with a whitelist* so only players we know can play.

If your kid wants to play, we have a private hosted server with an adult moderator/admin. Players must be using PC or MAC version of the game. Currently not able to support XBOX or iPad versions. Ask an EFA member at the next meeting for more information.

*whitelist means you need to be approved on the server before you can join it.