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Play it safe and ride our Auction Shuttle! This year the EFA is sponsoring shuttle service for the 2017 Duniway Foundation Auction. We will have two yellow school buses shuttling auction attendees all night. Tickets are $15/person and 100% of the proceeds benefit the Duniway Foundation. There are four shuttles to the auction: 5:40p, 6:00p, 6:20p, and 6:40p. Reserve your place on the shuttles by buying your tickets early. Tickets available on the auction website link above. We will also collect collect bid numbers on-board if you weren't able to pre-purchase tickets, however please purchase your shuttle passes when you buy your auction tickets -- it's just easier. Join us and take advantage of this safe transportation option!

Shuttle Stops to the Auction

Duniway Elementary at SE Reed College Place & SE Rex.

Shuttle Schedule 

Duniway/Eastmoreland to Melody Ballroom (5:40p, 6:00p, 6:20p, 6:40p)
  • Guarantee your seat by buying shuttle passes ahead of time.
  • Plan to arrive at auction no later than 7pm.
  • Note that shuttles could be crowded at 6:20p, so leave early if possible.
  • Last shuttle from Duniway is 6:40p.
Melody Ballroom to Duniway/Eastmoreland (10p - 12a)
  • Two buses will depart at 10:00pm from Melody Ballroom.
  • Next two shuttles will depart approximately at 10:40p from After Party 

Auction Shuttle FAQ

What is the shuttle route?
The shuttle will depart Duniway Elementary at Reed College Place & Rex. Then direct to Melody Ballroom. On the return, we will also probably drop-off at at Kay's/Limelight/Laurelwood.

When is the last shuttle?
The current plan is the last shuttles depart After Party around midnight. 

Can I bring auction items home on the bus?
Yes! If you bought something big enough to merit its own seat on the bus, then you deserve it. You can also ask a volunteer at checkout about picking up large items early the next morning.

Only $15? What's the catch?
The shuttles have already been paid for through a donation from the Eastmoreland Fathers Association. The goal of the tickets is to raise money for the Duniway Foundation as well as get an estimate of ridership. Buy a ticket, ride the bus, and support the Foundation. Everyone wins.

What if the weather is bad?
That's an even better reason to ride the shuttle. Driving, parking, and then walking a few blocks (at least) to the Ballroom is lame. Do the responsible thing and ride the shuttle. If the weather is bad, we'll set up tents at Duniway or beg to get access to the cafeteria. At the Melody Ballroom, we'll do drop-off right in front! 

More questions about the Auction in general?


The Eastmoreland Fathers Association (EFA) is an association of fathers from Eastmoreland1. Hence the name. We coach sports, volunteer at school, and dream up projects that improve the lives of our community's youth. Or that are just fun. Oh, and we sometimes get together for an occasional2beer to socialize. Interested in learning more about the EFA? Read our homepage and then join our community.

1 The founding members lived in Eastmoreland. The group is now expanding past the traditional Eastmoreland borders and now include fathers with a vested interest in the the neighborhood or Duniway Elementary School. So don't let that name dissuade you.

2 Every month. Like clockwork.