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The Wall

Once upon a time there were two classrooms separated by a temporary curtain. During a back-to-school night, parents got to experience first-hand how the two classrooms interfered with each other. In response, the Duniway community rose up like Ronald Reagan in 1987 to shout "Tear down this wall!" Wait. Actually the exact opposite.

EFA Member Woodbuilder ran point on a project to build a permanent wall to provide better classrooms for our young students. Principal Goldstein gave his blessing, the EFA donated the labor, and the Duniway community donated $1500 for the materials. Thanks to those that donated money, time, and/or coffee and doughnuts. With your help, the wall was erected on October 9, 2015.



The Eastmoreland Fathers Association (EFA) is an association of fathers from Eastmoreland. Hence the name. We coach sports, volunteer at school, and dream up projects that improve the lives of our community's youth. Or that are just fun. Oh, and we sometimes get together for an occasional beer to socialize. Interested in learning more about the EFA? Read our homepage and then join our community.